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Nam - Tour Of Duty is just like one of those cowboy and Indian movies, with most of the characters playing the part of cowboys. It was probably the most unrealistic movie that I am reviewing. It follows a platoon of men, recruited from the "Combat initiation course" by Sergeant Anderson, who is in his third tour of Vietnam, so as you can probably tell he was a bit of a war horse. He is joined by the platoon's new commander, LT. Goldman, who is straight out of Officer Candidate School and on a bit of a power trip.

This platoon is sent on a mission to destroy NVA assets in a hidden base, and they have to fight the enemy through and through to get this mission completed.

The Platoon Commander was a very power hungry person, who demands respect without earning it. This wasn't too uncommon in Vietnam, these platoon commanders would not listen to advice given by more experienced Platoon Sergeants and they would get themselves in to trouble.

One of the very farfetched scenes of the movie is when one of the privates has his "Protein food" taken away from him by a pig, he chases the pig around, tackling it while all the other men are standing around laughing at him. In real life, there is no time for child's play like that, there is too much at stake to let your guard down in war, and this platoon quickly learns that.

The platoon get ambushed in the village, and subsequently one of their members gets captured after going off alone. He gets taken down into the tunnels and quickly befriends a NVA doctor, who covers for him and saves him from interrogation. I seriously think that this story was made up purely for entertainment, and I don' think the producers cared about accuracy, because nothing like that ever happens. Just like the rescue mission to get him out of the tunnels, both Goldman and Anderson go down into the tunnels, a two man rescue squad with the intention of shooting their way to the prisoner.

Another really farfetched part of this movie is when a NVA tunnel specialist is called in and when called a dwarf by one of the Privates, knocks him to the ground and pulls a gun on him. That just never happened, an American pulling a gun on another American for something so trivial, that just didn't happen in the real war.

Probably the most accurate and realistic part of this movie is the jungle fighting and ambushes, these were a regular occurrence and this movie seems to have portrayed them. I did not like the bits where a man would go off on his own to do personal recon, especially without letting the LT know or anything, things like that rarely happened, because out in the jungle we were a team and therefore needed to behave like one.

I think that this movie was made purely for the entertainment of the viewers, and it seems no attempt was made to actually make it seem realistic, because sometimes I wondered whether it was a comedy or not. I would see it more as an action movie than an accurate depiction of a war movie. To be truthful I didn't like this movie alot, it insults your intelligence a fair bit, but for anyone who just wants a good storyline and a bit of action I can recommend this movie.